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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING provides you painting services with our 25+ years of experience. Our paint services ranges from cabinets painting to house painting, offices, tenant improvements, HOA, commercial, retail for both interior and exterior painting . Leave the painting to professionals so you can continue doing what matters more, you.


Residential Painting Contractors in Fountain Valley

What Should Clients look for when they hire A painting Contractor in Fountain Valley?

1. Experience
You have worked hard to have a property, a home. Its only right to protect your most valuable possession, your home. Yes, anyone can paint but will the craftsmanship last for several years down the road? Will the painters use the proper paint to protect your home and keep you safe from algae, bacteria that accumulates on the lower siding of homes? You want to spend once not twice on a painting job.

2. License & Insurances
Painting Services our $500.00 is illegal without a license. It's not safe. Hire a License company to protect your home. You might find a paint service that saves you money, but will that company be there when the paints peels off before your warranty is over?

3. Honesty & Integrity

There is a high correlation between unlicensed individuals and uncompleted paint services. Don't be a victim.

What do Painting Contractors in Fountain Valley at Sky Edifice Painting Offer you ?

1. We have 25+ years of experience. Our Professional painters are extensively trained to handle any paint material from any vendor. Our painting contractors in Fountain Valley can paint anything to the most finest detail.So if you have a preference in the paint, you want in your home, you can count on us to do it right ! A few homeowners might know that each paint from every vendor performs differently. They all do but Sky Edifice Painting knows how to handle it. With our experience we give you 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

2. We are license and insured. We want to protect our current and future clients from any damages and lawsuit that can come from accidents during the job. We eliminate that risk to 0% and protect you 100%. We want to help you not hurt you.

3. We are highly experience painters in Fountain Valley, we are license and we do honest work, we wouldn't be in business if we didn't keep our customers happy. It requires a lot of hard work and commitment to keep our clients very happy. We love Painting for clients esepcially because their is honesty involved by both sides.

Our Painting Process

We start with meeting on your preference. We make ourselves available to you. You are our priority. We work on your schedule not ours. We then take a look around the house inside or outside depending on what kind of paint service you need. Once we done we collect the info and we talk. We talk about your goals for this painting services. After that we work on our quote. You usually receive it with in 3-5 hours. Then once its approve we work on time, safety and finish on our agreed date and time.

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Our Interior Exterior Painting Services

Color Consultation

We start with Personalization. We appoint a color consultant to start the process with you

Interior/Exterior Painting

With mastery of products, our expert painters know how to get any interior or exterior work handled without hesitation. Giving you a peace of mind throughout the painting process.

Cabinet Finishing

Personalize your new or used cabinets using our custom colors with experts at an exceptional rate. 

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Exterior & Interior Painting Services in the following areas

We do Paint Services in Orange County & Los Angeles County

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WE are here to help you on your painting process, stress free


I wanted an interior paint job at my home. I hired Sky Edifice. They were were very responsive. My home looks amazing.

Don Cooper
Home owner

My paint was peeling off and I was in need of a crucial exterior paint maintenance. Due to the fact that they were responsive, on time for a consultation and for the estimate I gave them the job. They painted better than the company i hired my first time.
Ray Wilson
Home owner
I got a home listed on the market I looked up Sky Edifice and had them paint the inside. I was happy and got better offers afterwards.

Amy Trong
Real Estate

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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has over 25+ years of painting experience in residential and commercial buildings ranging from luxury custom homes to smaller homes. Partner with a reliable and honest painting company that has exceptional service quality and exceptional customer service.


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