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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING provides you painting services with our 25+ years of experience. Our paint services ranges from cabinets painting to house painting, offices, tenant improvements, HOA, commercial, retail for both interior and exterior painting . Leave the painting to professionals so you can continue doing what matters more, you.

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We bring value to our customers. We provide clients with 100% customer satisfaction. #1 reason why we have clients for a lifetime.

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We are confident that you will be in love with our painting services. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

25+ years Painting Experience

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25+ years of experience. SKY EDIFICE Painters in Laguna Beach uses various techniques to give you an aesthetically pleasing look.

What is a Local Painting Contractor?

A local painting contractor is a licensed painter that currently holds a license and is regulated by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Always ask a painter for their license. 

House Painting in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach properties require year maintenance. Keep Reading To Find Out Why.

Laguna Beach is probably the most beautiful city in Southern California. With Homes located for miles within the steep hills of Laguna Beach. With fantastic ocean views and beautiful weather, it’s hard not to come and live in this city near the beach. Homes near the beach, such as Laguna Beach, need year-round maintenance. Houses in Laguna Beach need more care because of the saltwater nearby. The ocean has salt water, which lingers around the area, and when that moisture makes contact with the home, it often creates rotted wood. Rotted wood is caused by moisture that can not escape and thus goes beneath the surface of the exterior to cause rotted wood. These homes in the area need more frequent painting jobs.

Do Laguna Beach Homes Require Frequent Paint Jobs?

The short answer is YES. Laguna Beach homes require a much more frequent paint job because of the salt in the air, moisture, and the harsh weather that your home has to endure. Salt, moisture, and sand are the most dangerous natural factors that affect a home. These three things alone can rot a home's wood frame if a paint job is not done correctly. Frequent paint jobs are required every 5-7 years. A fresh coat of paint every 5-7 years will save you thousands in the long run. High quality is the best defense against salt and moisture from the ocean. Paint is the barrier that prevents moisture from going inside the homes' cracks, causing rotted wood.

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Interior Painters

SKY EDIFICE Painters in Laguna Beach have been providing painting services for over 25+ years. We have done newly constructed homes, remodels, additions, commercial, retail, luxury homes, and custom homes. Interior painters in Laguna Beach must have many years of experience because, with many belongings inside, an inexperienced painter will cause more damage by breaking something. Every time we begin an interior paint job, we cover everything. We have 0 tolerance for paint spills. If you have damaged drywall, we can also repair drywall. We are a licensed building contractor. When you hire us for interior painting, you are hiring a company with a multitude of expertise in almost every trade within construction. We perform every interior painting of homes with the best intent in mind. We paint your property the way we would want a painter to paint our property. We will paint with two coats. We don't try to use one coat to save money. We always do what is right for the client to not need a paint job for years.

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Exterior Painting

99.87% of painters can paint the exterior of homes but only about 3% of painters can paint the exterior of a beach homes the right way. We can provide a full exterior paint job for your Laguna Beach home. Painters that paint homes in Laguna Beach need at least 10-15 years of experience painting the exterior of beach homes. Laguna Beach homes are always wet due to the morning breeze. Applying paint coats from 8 am-10:30 pm makes it hard for inexperienced painters to do a good job. SKY EDIFICE Painters in Laguna Beach knows how to paint without jeopardizing the work being done. With decades of experience, we have many secrets that many exterior painting companies do not know. We have been painting exterior homes in Laguna beach for many decades. Give us a call to provide you with an exterior paint job that will last many years.

Why Choose SKY EDIFICE Painters in Huntington Beach, CA?

Always request to see a license from a painter. SKY EDIFICE Painters in Laguna Beach is a licensed house painter. We are licensed by CSLB. We have decades of experience. We have decades of experience working with beach homes that are new construction, remodeled, and ready for the real estate market. You benefit from hiring us because we are not a liability. We have all the required insurances mandated by the State of California. Laguna Beach Beach homes have an average value of over 1.5 million. Why hire an unlicensed and inexperienced painter to paint something very costly? Hire professional painters in Laguna Beach that know what real estate appraisals are looking at; we know what appraisals will be looking for; this is what separates us from all the Laguna Beach painting contractors. We know how to increase the value of your property by painting it in a specific way for appraisals

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I wanted an interior paint job at my home. I hired Sky Edifice. They were were very responsive. My home looks amazing.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Don Cooper
Home owner

My paint was peeling off and I was in need of a crucial exterior paint maintenance. Due to the fact that they were responsive, on time for a consultation and for the estimate I gave them the job. They painted better than the company i hired my first time.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ray Wilson
Home owner
I got a home listed on the market I looked up Sky Edifice and had them paint the inside. I was happy and got better offers afterwards.
Their house painting services is exceptional.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Amy Trong
Real Estate

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Yes. We been matching custom color and painting custom colors to exclusive clients for over 20 plus years. We start by matching the paint and give you a sample. If you approve we go ahead and start the painting process. We work endlessly until you fall in love with the color. It usually takes us 3-5 times to get you a color you like.

Yes. Sky Edifice Painting always ensures and provides primer before applying two coats of paint. We provide warranty to our clients to ensure the lifespan of paint on the property.

For us to accurately quote you. We schedule an appointment to see your home. We then determine based on square ft.

25+ years. Started painting new homes in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach. We have painting methods that many painting companies struggle to know.

SKY EDIFICE PAINTING serves all of Orange County, Los Angeles County,
San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita County and Ventura County. Our team of professional painters are always led by our master painters of over 25+ years of experience. Partner with SKY EDIFICE PAINTING a painting contractor that puts your worries aside. 

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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has over 25+ years of painting experience in residential and commercial buildings ranging from luxury custom homes to smaller homes. Partner with a reliable and honest company that has exceptional service quality and exceptional customer service.


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