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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING provides you painting services with our 25+ years of experience. Our paint services ranges from cabinets painting to house painting, offices, tenant improvements, HOA, commercial, retail for both interior and exterior painting . Leave the painting to professionals so you can continue doing what matters more, you.


Customer Service

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Our team of Painter in Orange brings value to our customers. We provide clients with 100% customer satisfaction.  This is the #1 reason why we have clients for a lifetime.

100% Satisfaction

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We are confident that you will be in love with our painting services. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

25+ years Painting Experience

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25+ years of experience. Sky Edifice Painting Company & House painter in Orange uses various techniques to give you an aesthetically pleasing look.

Orange County Painting Contractors

choosing the right painter in Orange County can be scary and perhaps stressful but it does not have to. You home or real estate property is valued close to 1 millions dollars or even more !!! Hire the best painting services provided by out team at SKY EDIFICE. Our team is made up of very experience painting contractors in Orange County with over 3 decades of experience for home painting and painting for businesses. If you are in need of house painters in Orange County we are the ideal team to partner with. We are the ideal painters for you because we are transparent. We don’t change prices midway through the job!We have been a local painter in Orange County for over 3 decades, we started painting New luxury homes, HOA, industrial and have provided commercial painting investors and business owners.

Exterior Painters Orange CA

Our team of exterior painters in Orange County are not subcontractors. We only assigned employees that work for us and who have been trained by our executives and licensed contractors. It’s crucial to hire exterior painters that will provide warranty for their exterior painting services. It may look like all painters deliver the same result but this is not true. Every painter delivers a different result. Our team at SKY EDIFICE always delivers the best exterior painting services that can be delivered. That is why in 3 decades we have had 0 complaints from out customers.

Interior Painters Orange CA

Are you selling your home or perhaps you might in the future? Its important to hire an interior painter who can provide color consultation. The reason for this is because if you sell your home in the near future and the color scheme is unusually or is not visually appealing this can affect the value of your home and ultimately lead you to gain less money because buyers will offer a lessor amount due to the colors. Once you partner with our team of interior painters you will receive the best interior painting services in Orange County. We are 100% certain that you will you be more than happy with our painting services. Hiring the right interior painting contractor near orange doesn’t have to be complicated you just need to want the painter to be licensed, have workers comp, and over 25+ years of experience. Do not make the mistakes of hiring a painter that charges close to nothing for interior painting, this can be a disaster as new painters who lack experience will most certainly break items and find it difficult to work with their equipment indoors. No matter if you are seeking a remodel, development, new construction retail or commercial painting we are the perfect interior painting company for orange county real estate and homes.

Is It Important To Hire Orange County House Painters or Commercial Painters?

If you are seeking to paint your home a painter that is specialized as a house painter is recommended. The reason for this is because a house painter will have equipment that is meant for a home. For example, a spray machine that is for commercial require a lot of pressure and a home does not require a a lot of pressure too much pressure can ruin the texture on the wall especially if the interior walls have faux like a lot of high end homes in Orange County. House painters should have at least 11-15 years of experience painting homes because with this minimum amount of experience a painter can identify which paint products are for house and which are for commercial buildings. Commercial painters should be hired when the building that needs painting services are retail stores, gas stations, shopping centers. Commercial painters are typically not hire for homes as the experience learned in commercial can not be applied to homes. Luckily our team at SKY EDIFICE have all learned from our commercial and house painting contractors with decades of experience. Not many painting company can say that they can do houses, commercial and industrial.

    Interior & Exterior Painting Company of Orange

    Why Choose Sky Edifice Painting Company instead of other local Painting contractor in Orange County?

    Our interior & exterior Orange House Painter have over With 25+ years of painting experience. our painting crew has both the experience and expertise to make our clients feel happy with our painting services in residential painting such as house painting and commercial painting. Our experience as a painting contractor has allowed us to only work for exclusive individuals. If you are interested in a fresh coat of paint contact us.

    With 25+ years our house painters in Orange will exceed your expections whether its interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet painting or faux painting. House painting can be challenging for many painters even those painting company with so many years of painting. Luckily with our 25+ years of experience and in construction, then painting new custom homes in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Orange. Our experience has given us an advantage to provide our clients of Orange with the best painting services. We make your worries go away. Contact us to learn how we can take care your home from the interior and exterior.

    Orange Painting Company Services

    Our crew of Painters in Orange California, our painters know exactly how to paint homes. A different process is always needed for each property. If you are looking for quotes ask the painting contractors in Orange what their process is, if they are licenses, and most importantly what their warranty is. We provide our clients with warranty that many companies deny giving. Why? you may ask. It's easy we are very experience and we always to the best work posssible the best work.

    Choosing a Painting Contractor in Orange doesn't need to be hard. Sky Edifice Painting Company will give you the best professional work for the right price. Only an experience professional painter will make the work last for years to come. We are here to help you make your decisions simple so you can go on ahead and enjoy your day let our painting contractors paint a a smile on your face. Contact us today.

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Our Painting Services

Color Consultation

We start with Personalization. We appoint a color consultant to start the process with you

Interior/Exterior Painting

With mastery of products, our expert painters know how to get any interior or exterior work handled without hesitation. Giving you a peace of mind throughout the painting process.

Cabinet Finishing

Personalize your new or used cabinets using our custom colors with experts at an exceptional rate. 

Additional Painting Services

Interior & Exterior Painting Homes in Orange

We do Paint Services in Orange County & Los Angeles County

Additional Cities That We Serve

Got a Question ?


Yes. We been matching custom color and painting custom colors to exclusive clients for over 20 plus years. We start by matching the paint and give you a sample. If you approve we go ahead and start the painting process. We work endlessly until you fall in love with the color. It usually takes us 3-5 times to get you a color you like.

Yes. Sky Edifice Painting always ensures and provides primer before applying two coats of paint. We provide warranty to our clients to ensure the lifespan of paint on the property.

For us to accurately quote you. We schedule an appointment to see your home. We then determine based on square ft.

25+ years. Started painting new homes in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach. We have painting methods that many painting companies struggle to know.

GUIDANCE or questions?


I wanted an interior paint job at my home. I hired Sky Edifice. They were were very responsive. My home looks amazing.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Don Cooper
Home owner

My paint was peeling off and I was in need of a crucial exterior paint maintenance. Due to the fact that they were responsive, on time for a consultation and for the estimate I gave them the job. They painted better than the company i hired my first time.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ray Wilson
Home owner
I got a home listed on the market I looked up Sky Edifice and had them paint the inside. I was happy and got better offers afterwards.
Their house painting services is exceptional.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Amy Trong
Real Estate

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SKY EDIFICE PAINTING has over 25+ years of painting experience in residential and commercial buildings ranging from luxury custom homes to smaller homes. Partner with a reliable and honest painting company that has exceptional service, quality and exceptional customer service.


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