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We strongly believe in Commitment, Integrity and Trust.

We believe that companies should deliver the highest and most unique customer service to their clients. We believe that by having commitment, integrity and trust we can help redefine the customer service being delivered by companies today. We have changed the way regular companies in the painting industries are delivering services in Northridge. We start by Personalizing. Every client is UNIQUE. Therefore, we treat our clients to the highest degree of care. Allows us the pleasure to make you OUR PRIORITY, take care of and assist you. Our products and craftsmanship exceed our guarantee. Our Our honesty and promise in our work has us building more clients day by day.

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Our Experience

With an experience of over 25 years. Look no further. We can gladly say we know how to do the job right the first time. With our experience in the industry and mastery in a range of products, Sky Edifice Painting guarantees that our work will leave you more than satisfied. We are the right candidate for you to work with. We exceed the customer service experience given elsewhere and deliver a stress-free experience. Your ideas are our priority. 

Sky Edifice brings a lot of value and experience to your doorsteps. Many Painters in Northridge struggle to master the right products. 

Our Painting Services in Northridge are truly unique. We start with a Color consultant that works with you 1 on 1 to pick your paint color. It really is a stress free process. We Offer you the Sky Edifice experience by giving you the attention you deserve and leaving your home, office or any investment property aesthetically pleasing.

We always use the finest product for any type of work that we do.

Choosing the right Paint Contractor in Northridge

Products differ whether it’s on the kitchen cabinets, rooms, bathrooms or ceilings. Each room and paint product is handled differently. Some paint products dry too fast, take too long to dry and bubbles form, other peel off the surfaces of the wall.  What you need is Sky Edifice as your next Painting Contractor to handle all your painting needs. YOU DESERVE the best and the MOST UNIQUE WORK. We have been working in Northridge homes and properties since our beginning days as a painter in Northridge. We have shown our mastery of products by working with clients for over 20 years. We have worked with all the products the paint industry has to offer. We are the experience painters in Northridge that you need to get your ideas done right the first time. WE LEAVE CLIENTS VERY SATISFIED. Our expert painters in Northridge know how to get any interior or exterior painting needs handled without hesitation. Giving you a peace of mind throughout the painting process. We care so much for our clients, that if you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t either.


We offer the following Painting Services in Northridge:

Color Consultation

We start with Personalization. We appoint a color consultant to start the process with you.

Interior/Exterior Painting

With mastery of products, our expert painters know how to get any interior or exterior work handled without hesitation. Giving you a peace of mind throughout the painting process.

Cabinet Finishing

Personalize your new or used cabinets using our custom colors with experts at an exceptional rate. 

Additional painting services in Northridge.

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