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What is a retail landscape company?
A retail landscape company also known as a commercial landscape company is a landscape company that focuses on maintaining a retail property in order. For example the commercial landscape services that they offer are pruning, monthly inspections, weekly inspection audits for sprinkler system and much more. Their priority is to help landlord and tenants maintain a well looking and clean property. The cleaner and more friendly a space looks the more welcoming the property is and more traffic comes. the more traffic the more sales people make. Make sure to hire a company that offers
retail landscape services, some may or may not do additional services besides only maintenance.

Southern California Retail Landscaping Services

SKY EDIFICE offers retail landscaping services with safety, and priority. We look at small details while other companies overlook them. Allow us the opportunities to help you maintain the landscape of your retail property. SKY EDIFICE,  a retail landscape Company is challenging the status quo to provide the best possible results in regards to  landscape, services, results and communication for retail properties. Forget about the headaches that landscape companies bring, partner with the right retail landscape contractor who will make your job easy. Let us begin increasing the value of your property and attract more traffic to the following  properties:  banks, shopping centers, retail stores, and mixed used landscape. Lets keeping your retail landscape how its suppose to look. We offer commercial landscaping services for the following markets and submarkets:

Retail Landscape Services for retail, shopping centers and more.....

Commercial Landscaping Services

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

A green lawn gives properties a higher value. Landscape maintenance require a lot of experience and knowledge of plants. Partner with SKY EDIFICE Retail Landscaping company for your commercial landscaping maintenance.

Design & Development

Designing, requires creativity. With our affordable cost in mind we are sure that we can redesign your landscape at an affordable and sustainable rate. 

Synthetic Turf

Reduce your water expense by nearly 90%. Installing turf not only saves you money but keeps your landscape looking green year round.

Tree Care

Maintain your property value by having health trees. Trees need yearly pruning, pest and disease control. Partner with the right commercial tree care company.

Water Management & Irrigation Services

Partner with SKY EDIFICE to increase your water savings. Are other landscaping companies using the latest tech to save you gallons of water?

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