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Customer Service

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We bring value to our customers. We provide clients with 100% customer satisfaction. Top reason why we have clients for a lifetime.

100% Satisfaction

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We are confident that you will be in love with our construction services. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

& Insured

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SKY Edifice is fully licensed & insured. We are an experienced construction company. We use high quality materials and eco-friendly products to ensure your safety.

What is an ADU Contractor?

Where can I find An ADU Contractor Near me?

An Adu contractor is a contractor who is specialized in building accessory dwelling units. SKY Edifice is here for your ADU Needs, Give us a call, We’ll be happy to help you with any questions that you may have.

Can i convert my garage?
What is A Garage conversion?

Yes you can! A garage conversion is a garage that has undergone modifications to be legally held as a living space and has been approved by the city.

We Save You Money. Learn How!

Reliable ADU Contractor in Encino

SKY Edifice ADU contractor in Encino believes that by caring for our clients and being honest, we can deliver exceptional customer service, contact us today to get a free estimate. We are redefining the way customer services should be delivered. ADU contractors in Encino should be more customer services oriented. We start my constant communication. Every relationship begins with communication. We communicate with our clients from start to finish.  An ADU contractor in Encino must always be present on the worksite to make sure everything is being build properly to provide a client with a safe and secure ADU. We are always on site to supervise every phase of the construction.

Caring is our way of making an impact to our clients. We  want people to feel safe and secure when contracting with us,  ADU contractors in Encino. We provide warranty, 3D images, and good quality materials,  Although the reality is that many contractors are dishonest, we are pushing other companies to start being better.  SKY Edifice is here to provide you with exceptional services while making a positive impact by building safe and secure ADU in Encino. 

Encino ADU Contractors Provides Custom Designs

SKY Edifice ADU contractors in Encino provide affordable ADU with warranty. We can provide you with custom designs for your new ADU in Encino. We have our experienced design team ready to work with you 24/7 until you are happy with the results. We shows you 3D models to give you no surprises.  As a specialist in ADU we use 2″x6″ studs instead of 2″x4″ to provide a safer, secure and stable ADU. Many contractors do not know this or use this procedure to ensure the safety of their clients. SKY Edifice builds to protect their clients from unsafe builders. Many ADU specialist in Encino can build ADU but only a handful will care for their clients. When someone cares for someone they will keep them safe and that’s what we do to our clients, we keep you safe. For any question or concerns, affordable ADU contractor in Encino at SKY Edifice can help you build a safe ADU.

Why Building With SKY Edifice Matters

SKY Edifice, ADU builder in Encino can save you thousands of dollars in building your ADU. By having our design team, our ADU builders in Encino can focus on building and design team on designing. This allow are management team to rapidly communicate with you when you have a question or concerns. When you choose us, you don’t wait.  We save you money by not having to hire an expensive design team, unlike many contractors that charge a lot for this part, we don’t. Consider hiring SKY Edifice ADU Builder in Encino to build you a safe, secure, and stable ADU for many years to come.

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Garage Conversion in Encino

SKY Edifice is certified to convert a garage conversion in Encino with our experience it can be more cost effective and have a greater reward than a brand new ADU. It's 100% legal. If space is what you are wanting then a garage conversion in Encino might be your choice. Building a second floor garage conversion will increase your property's value and will attract more potential renters at a faster rate. We give you no surprises that is why we offer 3D realistic images when you choose to convert your garage conversion in Encino with us. With our 3D realistic images you will see how it will look once the project is completed. If you don't like it, we can also change it before construction begins this is a unique feature that SKY Edifice provides. Contact SKY Edifice ADU contractor to have a realiable, ADU built on time and efficiently.

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Our Recommendation

We recommend that you look elsewhere besides homeadvisor, yelp and houzz. These websites have a lot of ADU builders in Encino who have unusual business, are new and some aren't even licensed properly. You must hire a reputable ADU contractor who will be in business for the next 20 years not just because they have 5 stars with a couple of reviews in the last 12 months. If you hire an Enico ADU Builder make sure they have a future or else you might spend a lot of money when that company doesn't exist and you need a repair that is under warranty.

3D Realistic Images Before Construction

Our Process

Schedule A Consultation

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So many laws have changed but we have it all down. We go out and measure the lot to see if it’s possible to add an ADU within your property lot. 

3D Designs & Planning

uptime monitoring

We Design you a 3D model before construction begins. We then submit the required paperwork to the city and wait for approval. 

Construction begins

cost reduction

Once we get approval from the city we begin building your ADU.

Custom ADU Design At No Extra Cost.


Accessory Dwelling Unit is often called (ADU) for short. An ADU
is an additional portion to your current property. Think of it as a secondary home aside for your main residential home.

No. The state of California has approved to built ADU’s on residential properties in the state of California. Although it is legal there are strict requirements that should be met in order for it to be legal. Hire a Sky Edfice a professional ADU contractor. 

The max square footage for an

dwelling unit is 1200 sq ft. 

Owners do not have to live on property to built and rent a ADU. As long its built between 2020-2025. 

Yes. Sky Edifice is licensed to construct custom homes, home additions and ADU and much more. We are also fully insured.

Yes. We offer other construction services as well.  Check out our services page. We also provide painting services.

A licensed contractors will oversee the work being done from the first day to the completion of the work.

California law allows licensed contractors to only request 10% of the total cost of a porject as a down payment.


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