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We bring value to our customers. We provide clients with 100% customer satisfaction. Top reason why we have clients for a lifetime.

100% Satisfaction

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We are confident that you will be in love with our construction services. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

& Insured

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SKY Edifice is fully licensed & insured. We are an experienced construction company. We use high quality materials and eco-friendly products to ensure your safety.

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Honest ADU Contractors in Chatsworth

Earning more money from your property couldn’t be easier! 
Are you considering building an ADU?   Maybe need more space for Yoga?

Save Money. Here's How.

SKY Edifice ADU contractors in Chatsworth saves you thousands of dollars, while building a safe, secure ADU at an affordable price. It’s simple what we do to save you ADU building costs.  We handle the whole ADU process from start to finish. Our design team who are ADU specialists in Chatsworth take care of all the ADU blueprints & custom ADU in Chatsworth. Many Contractors do not have a design team, so they pass the work to other design companies or construction companies.  This part can be really expensive depending on the work. That is why many builders charge a lot to build an ADU.  At SKY Edifice we save you money by not sending the design work to other companies. We are a construction company with a design division ready to help you with a custom design. WE SAVE YOU MONEY.

Experienced ADU Contractor in Chatsworth

An Affordable ADU Contractor in Chatsworth is what you need to build your ADU and increase your property’s value. We been providing construction and painting services for years now.  We build ADU with the safest and most high quality products unlike many ADU contractors who choose to use the lowest quality materials to save money. We build framing with 16″ o.c to make the walls more secure other contractors choose 10-12″ which makes walls less stable. With our experience as ADU builder in Chatsworth you can rest assure that SKY Edifice will give you the best and safest ADU at an affordable price.  

Insured & Licensed ADU Builders in Chatsworth

SKY Edifice is a Chatsworth ADU builder who is licensed and insured. We take no risk and protect our clients 100% of the time.  Don’t try to save more by hiring an unlicensed contractor. If you do and they have an accident you will be liable. Its better to hire a licensed ADU contractor in Chatsworth who is licensed and knows how to build a safe ADU such as SKY Edifice. 

We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with our services. As an ADU contractor in Chatsworth, we provide you with warranty. We recommend to hire a professional ADU builder that has been in business for many years. The reason for this is because many contractors have been scamming homeowners by requesting a down payment and beginning work then disappearing and leaving unfinished work. Don’t be a victim of a scam. If you encounter a website that seems unprofessional stay away. 

SKY Edifice has been in business for many years, we will be in business next week, month and the coming decades. You need to hire a construction company that will be in business in the future so you can have your warranty active and get an issue fixed if something was to occur. Once SKY Edifice finishes a project we remain in contact, we don’t disappear like most ADU builders in Chatsworth . You’ll love our services that you will call us back for other construction services.


Why Choose SKY Edifice ?

SKY Edifice ADU Contractor in Chatsworth is an exceptional builder that builds on safety and great customer service. We love when clients are very happy at the completion of an ADU. Our great customer service starts by providing a free 3D realistic images of how your ADU will look upon completion, you get get no surprises on how your property may look like, we clarify it right from the start. 

An additional way we provide great customer service is by  Keeping up with residential codes, this is crucial to us. New laws regarding ADU in Chatsworth has made it almost impossible for  ADU specialist of Chatsworth to get a permit and pass the final inspection. At SKY Edifice our team is up to date with the new laws regarding Chatsworth  ADU. ADU contractors in Chatsworth need to be up to dated with new residential codes in order to build secure ADU many don’t. You need an ADU builder such as SKY Edifice who understands the new laws regarding residential homes and ADU laws,  SKY Edifice is more than qualified to build or convert your garage conversion in Chatsworth. Hiring SKY Edifice ADU builders in Chatsworth is your best choice to building an affordable and safe ADU. Contact us today to get your ADU built and approved by the city.

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Consider This When Hiring ADU Builders in Chatsworth

The chances that you saw our website is perhaps that you searched us with a common phrase such as ADU contractor near me. If you did, you saw many companies. If you want an affordable ADU that includes warranty by an experienced ADU contractor in Chatsworth, SKY Edifice is your choice. Homeowners usually have many options to choose from when building or converting a garage conversion in Chatsworth but when it comes to safety there should be no choice when hiring ADU builders in Chatsworth by SKY Edifice. ADU Chatsworth need to be built in a safe manner. When it comes to safety to our clients there is no alternatives. We build ADU to the most safety way possible. We use good quality material. Many contractors used materials that aren't durable for years to come. Our products that we use will give you the durability for many years to come. We provide our clients warranty. SKY Edifice ADU builder of Chatsworth provides safety, durability and exceptional customer services to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about is month's special. We recommend you hire a professional licensed ADU builder in Chatsworth who is a specialist in building ADU to avoid delays and setbacks. A licensed general contractor with enough experience in bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, won't be enough because you'll need a foundation, framing, and roofing and many other types of work. A qualified and certified ADU remodeler in Chatsworth is the type of contractor necessary to have a successful ADU built. Picking a licensed contractor will do the work correctly the first time. An ADU specialist in Chatsworth at SKY Edifice is your best choice to building an affordable and safest ADU.

Contact us today for a custom design and consultation. At no extra cost.

Our Process

Schedule A Consultation

Firewall rejection

So many laws have changed but we have it all down. We go out and measure the lot to see if it’s possible to add an ADU within your property lot. 

3D Designs & Planning

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We Design you a 3D model before construction begins. We then submit the required paperwork to the city and wait for approval. 

Construction begins

cost reduction

Once we get approval from the city we begin building your ADU.

Custom ADU Design At No Extra Cost.


Accessory Dwelling Unit is often called (ADU) for short. An ADU
is an additional portion to your current property. Think of it as a secondary home aside for your main residential home.

No. The state of California has approved to built ADU’s on residential properties in the state of California. Although it is legal there are strict requirements that should be met in order for it to be legal. Hire a Sky Edfice a professional ADU contractor. 

The max square footage for an

dwelling unit is 1200 sq ft. 

Owners do not have to live on property to built and rent a ADU. As long its built between 2020-2025. 

Yes. SKY Edifice is licensed to construct custom homes, home additions and ADU and much more. We are also fully insured.

Yes. We offer other construction services as well.  Check out our services page. We also provide painting services.

A licensed contractors will oversee the work being done from the first day to the completion of the work.


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