What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in California?

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Definition of Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

An ADU or accessory dwelling unit is a secondary home in your lot that can be up to 1,500 square feet. It must have a full kitchen and bathroom often called a second unit or a guest home.

Is A Permit Needed For An ADU

Yes. Just like all construction it requires a permit and a licenses contractor. Work performed from an unlicensed contractor will result in a fine and demolition of the building. It’s best to hire a licensed architect and licensed contractor.

The Growth of ADu

ADU begin gaining popularity when on Sepember 27 2016 when the governor signed ADU bills into state law that were placed into effect on January 1 2017. Due to there being a high demand to create more housing and not having enough homes ADU laws such as the Senate Bill 1069 were passed.

Why Build An ADU?

ADU can increase the property value of a home if done properly by hiring a real estate developer ADU. Other times if done inefficiently will lower the value of the home and the surrounding area and impact your neighbors home. It’s crucial to hire a real estate developer that knows what they are doing. Today many real estate agents want their clients to make ADU so the agents themselves can received a payout from it and unforunately the lack of real estate agents in development will impact the area and can ultimately congress the area with more cars, trash, busy roads, and random people living in the area for short term which can increase crime rate.

Benefits of ADU

The main reason why we recommend our clients to develop ADUs is for the following reasons.

  • Pay of Your Mortgage Faster
  • Extra Income
  • Guest Home
  • Gym
  • Home Office
  • Rental Income
  • Increase Property Value

  • because of all these benefits and the high value of homes in California its difficult to buy another home. So why not create a ADU in the lot that you already own. By doing this you are not paying for land you are just paying for the ADU itself.

    Benefit From Hiring SKY EDIFICE

    When we consult our clients we put our client’s interest first. We plan a goal based on our clients goals. When clients hire us we provide the development and financial analysis so they can can receive the biggest return (max amount of rent from tenant) from their newly constructed ADU. We offer more complimentary services but give us a call if you have questions or hesitations in building an ADU in Los Angeles or perhaps are thinking of constructing a ADU in Orange County, CA.


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