Interior House Painting: Paint These Rooms First

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Interior house painting is crucial and requires expert that are familiar painting homes in the following areas:
Costa Mesa
Mission Viejo
Laguna Beach
Laguna Niguel
Newport Beach

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Each Room Should Be Painted In These Order No Exceptions

2. Walls
3. Trim/Baseboard
4. Door(s)
Below is an explanation of how and when to start the interior painting of other rooms. This can be adjusted based on how you personally feel. You want to have a feel on how long each room will take you but you won’t know this until you start painting and complete at least one room. We are painters who have been doing this for decades and know when to continue and stop working to let the fresh coat of paint dry. Each paint product dries differently but almost all of them cure around the same time length.

What Part Of My House Should I Paint First?

As professional painters we are only writing these as a recommendation.
Let’s paint you a scenario where you want to paint your complete interior house and your home is 1 story.
We then would recommend starting off like this:

Living Room
Dining Room
Bedrooms(Paint A Room Everyday but Leave the Biggest until The End)

LIving Room

The living room is usually the biggest room in the whole house beside the garage. Due to the size we recommend painting this first because you will have more space to paint and move things from the house into this area.

Dining Room

Next, The dining room is next, which is 99% of the time right next to the living room which serves as extra storage space during the painting process.


The bathrooms should be done after the dining room and living because the bathrooms will take a longer time to use but are usually smaller and are used everyday for personal reasons.


Kitchen painting should be done concurrent with the bathrooms. The reason for this is because most likely you will not be painting the cabinets, only the walls. In a kitchen there are not big areas of wall since the cabinets take a majority of the space in the kitchen. Ideally, you want to start painting rooms during this time.


Next, the halls should be painted once all the big furniture and items are not going to be moved around from one room to another to prevent any damages to the drywall and newly painted coats applied to the surface.


Lastly, the primary bedroom should be done at the end because as the interior painting is happening you can sleep elsewhere until the paint cures. If you followed everything you should have almost everything done with the exception of the primary room being last. Remember to start painting rooms during the time you start painting the kitchen.

Interior House Painting in Orange County, CA

Remember that an interior house painting can be fun at first but after the second day it can become very tiring. It is best to contact and a hire an interior house painter in Orange County, CA who are reliable, professional, exceptional communication skills, licensed and above who will keep their promise and will provide you with exceptional interior house painting services.

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