How to Maintain New Paint to Last Long: Tips for Homeowners

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Maintaining your home will ensure you protect your investment from natural harmful elements such as rain that can cause structural damage. Your paint will last longer if it is properly maintained. Keep reading our blog to learn how homeowners can maintain their newly painted surfaces to last longer. Our recommendation will ensure that your paint will last longer and keep your surfaces as if they were freshly painted.

Please Clean Walls After 30 Full Days Have Passed

Many painters will advise cleaning it in a couple of days, others in a week or two, but cleaning after 1 month is ideal. Wait until 30 days because, during this time, you’ll be able to notice what areas will get dirty more often than others. A few days, a week or two, is not enough time for walls to get dirty. Please make sure you apply a small amount of pressure. Applying too much pressure when cleaning the walls will ruin the paint.

How To Prevent Fading And Discoloration

When you have an interior painter paint the interior of your home, make a plan to protect your paint by having curtains and blinds to prevent the sun from fading the paint. Discoloration from the sun is normal but you can always reduce the fading of paint by blocking out the sunlight. Another way to reduce the fading and discoloration of paint is to have your interior painter apply high-quality paint products.

Moisture On Walls

Moisture in a home is not healthy and will cause problems with painted surfaces. Moisture is due to excessive amounts of water and humidity in areas. A professional painter can eliminate moisture on walls. Although it may seem simple, a painting contractor must be licensed to work with mold.

Have An Annual Inspection Or Touch Ups

Having a professional painter inspect your home every year will ensure that your home has protection from termites, mildew, and mold. If a solution is delayed, these harmful elements can harm both people and the building structure.

Choosing The Best Professional Painting Company

Interview licensed contractors. Licensed contractors are regulated, and only they can provide warranties. It’s illegal to hire someone who does not have a license. Choosing the right house painter will enhance your home as if it were a newly constructed home.

House Painting in Orange County, CA

Our recommendation comes from having over 30+ years of experience in house painting services. Our tips on maintaining your home assure you that your painted surfaces will last longer than if you didn’t keep up with regular maintenance.

Interior Painter Orange County, CA

We make hiring a professional interior painter easy. We have the experience, the license and the crew to provide the finest interior painting services in the industry. We put our clients’ satisfaction first.

Exterior Painter Orange County, CA

Hire a professional exterior painter who will use high-quality materials. By hiring an experienced company you can get a better deal in paint. Exterior painter who have been in business longer get more discounts on paint products. This means that you will get a better paint product on your home. New painters or 1 personal crew do not get discounts, and they have a very high price on paint, which is why these painters always use low-quality materials and products. We always use the highest quality in paint products and materials.

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