How To Clean Painted Walls

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If you are here, do not worry you are not the first person. We wrote this article specifically for you. After reading this article you will be able to clean wine spills on the walls(light wine colors), art by your little kids, or for those that had to write something on the wall quickly because you couldn’t find a notepad. We have been providing homeowners solutions and guidance for maintaining their freshly painted walls for over 3 decades.

Interior house painting is crucial and requires expert that are familiar painting homes in the following areas:

Costa Mesa
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As the best interior house painters we want to help homeowners keep their painted walls clean.

How To Clean My Walls

Clean your walls in the interior with warm soapy water only. Many people will suggest to clean it with house solutions but that is not true. Painted walls can only be cleaned with warm soapy water. household products have chemicals that are too strong and will ruin the paint or strip the paint.

What Kind of Soap Do I Use?
You can use any dish or detergent soap.

How Much Pressure Do I Apply?
Apply only a small amount of pressure when cleaning your walls. Be careful to avoid too much pressure that will cause the paint to be ruined, smudge or peel off.

Can I Clean My Wall With A Flat Sheen?

No. If you are going to clean your walls make sure you do not have a flat sheen. If you clean a flat sheen on your wall, the will create a smudge and will ruin the color on the wall.

How Do I Clean Walls With Lead Paint?

Do not attempt to clean your interior walls or exterior walls of your home if your home was built before 1989. This kind of exposure can lead to unhealthy issues and effects on your body. Hiring a professional in lead abatement is your only choice. We are EPA certified lead painters. If you lead painting services you must only hire firms that are certified with EPA. Working with lead walls will create lead dust and will effect those living in your home and your neighbors do not attempt to this type of work for yourself.

How To Clean Mildew Inside My Home

Do you have mildew in your bathroom? Mildew is a common problem. But we have the solution to prevent mildew showing again in your bathrooms. If you want to clean mildew off your walls be careful mildew is a bacteria/fungus. You can clean mildew on walls with baking soda or vinegar. These are easy solutions that are not hazardous to apply. But if you see mildew on the surface hiring a professional to inspect inside the walls would be a good idea, you do not want mildew lingering inside the walls as it can cause structure damages in the future.

Interior House Painting in Orange County, CA

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Ready For A Fresh Coat Of Paint By Precision Painters?

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