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Setting Up Before The painters Arrive.

Painting is one of the most important things any homeowner can do to improve their real estate. When someone hires a painter to come and paint their house, the homeowner will need to make some adjustments for the painters to do their job efficiently and correctly in this article you will learn how to How To Prepare For An Interior Painting Job by following 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Moving Furniture To The Center

Hire aninterior painting in Orange County, CA that will start on the date that they promised. Before the painters arrive at your house, some essential things to do will be to remove some more significant pieces of your belongings, such as furniture and couches, to the center. The owners should always move any glass items and picture frames on walls and stands to the center or a storage room for the duration of the painting process. This will ensure the painting contractor stays on track and is not walking around the home, figuring out where to put the personal items. If you are unsure where to put an item, always move it to the center. Most painters won’t mind moving things around but check with your hired painter if they are willing to move objects around.

2nd Step: Cover All Belongs With Center Plastic

Now that you have placed all your belongings in the center.
Buy a 1.5-inch tap or two inches of tape and contractor plastic from your local hardware store. As professional painters, we recommend husky plastic sheeting that is 2 mil in thickness. This type of plastic is best for covering home items, primarily to protect against overspray caused by paint. Place plastic around the items in the center of the room. Most painters will do this before beginning any work, but it’s always better to cover personal belongings twice. 


Don’t worry if you have a built-in bookshelf; painters will usually cover a built-in bookshelf.

3rd Step: Window Taping (Optional)

You can place tape on windows if you want to help painters speed up the work. However, we don’t recommend it. Many painters use various types of tape, but only a specific printer tape goes on the window. The windows must be properly taped for overspray not to go on the glass and unpainted areas. That is why we recommend letting the painter do this. Taping windows is part of the painters’ job.

4th Step: Clean the surface That Will Be painted

Why is cleaning necessary before getting my house painted?
Cleaning the walls will remove grime, oil, grease, and dust. Very experienced painters will clean the walls before working to ensure that the fresh coat will stick adequately, while others will not even bother cleaning. For the professional painter to do his best job, the wall must be cleaned and filled and be as smooth as possible. This will allow the painter to deliver a beautiful, smooth, fresh coat of paint! Our professional painting contractors offer services where they can prep the wall for you.

We will repair drywall damages, close holes, and begin priming once the wall is filled and smooth; it is crucial to remove any dirt, grease, and mildew on the wall first and then repair damages on the walls.
But these services range from painting contractor to painting contractor. Make sure to include this on your painting estimate when you hire an interior painter for your real estate. With all this preparation, you can rest assured that our painters will do the job correctly and consistently.


Make sure to include a proper prep for interior painting in Orange County, CA. However, many painting contractors will focus on doing a fast pace job to finish early and save money. We recommend that painters take their time in prepping. Our team of painters understands the difference between high-quality prep work and prep work that will cause paint to peel in the coming years. Make sure the painters you hire know how to place proper tape on specific surfaces. Using the wrong tape will leave surfaces very sticky for a long time.

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