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#1 License Painters Passed Background Check (Requirements)

Why hire a license painter. It’s essential to hire a licensed painter that holds a C-33 Painting Contractor License. In California, it is a state law that a person must undergo a background check. That means an individual must have their fingerprints scanned and sent to the Department of Justice (DOJ). They must prove that they have not been convicted or had any misdemeanor or felony.

  • They must be at least 18 years of age.
  • They must have four years of experience as a journeyman/woman or supervisor (must show proof of invoices, receipts, gross income, work, and paystubs).

These are requirements that The Contractors State License Board request for a person to become a licensed contractor. Once they meet those requirements, they get tested. Licensed painters know far more than regular painters and can’t simply run off with your deposit. They undergo two exams that test the expertise of those that are capable of being licensed contractors. 

#2 Insurance (So You Don't Get Sue)

Only licensed painters can purchase workers’ compensation for their employees. Every employer in California must have workers comp for every employee they employ and have working for them. In addition, Licensed painters can also buy liability insurance. This insurance ensures that any damages caused by a contractor will be covered if they are at fault. 

Example: If a licensed painter damages your parked on your driveway. The painter’s insurance will cover the damages for your car to get fixed. 

Unlicensed painters can not purchase insurance. Since it’s illegal to paint without a license, insurance companies will not cover them. That means they can not get workers comp; without workers comp, they can not employ an individual to help paint. Labor Code Section 3700 states that employers must have workers’ compensation for each hired employee. We highly recommend always hiring a licensed painter because only they can get workers comp. If you hire an unlicensed painter, you’ll get sure if there is no insurance.

Example: House owner hires Painter A, who holds no license. Painter A begins painting, and his helper gets hurt. The helper sues the employer, but then the helper’s lawyer finds out that Painter A(Employer) has no workers comp. The lawyer and the helper will now sue the House Owner. That is why hiring a licensed painter is very important; only they can get workers comp. 

#3 It's A Crime To Hire Unlicensed Individuals

Business and Professions Code 7028 makes it illegal for a homeowner or any property owner to hire an unlicensed individual that charges more than $500.00. Many people have tried to work around this law only to find themselves being charged with a misdemeanor, felony, and years in custody. Hiring an unlicensed painter is illegal because they will get helpers, which requires insurance. The painting job requires a license, and hiring them puts people in great danger of injuries, fraud, and scams.

#4 Experience

Licensed painters have more experience than unlicensed painters. Licensed painters have worked for a licensed company where they perform good work or have a good trade school where they focus on painting standards. Experienced painters will come and know about paint sheens and paint products and could give you an estimate within an hour or two. The high experience painting contractors will answer all your questions before even asking. They have numerous years of painting, and they have come in contact with many clients who have the same questions regarding the type of paint, the process, and the time length of the project.

#5 Regulated

Licensed contractors, including licensed painters, are regulated by the CSLB (The Contractors State License Board). Licensed painters can only get 10% of the project’s total cost for a down payment. Unlicensed individuals are infamous for requesting 30%,40%, and sometimes even 50% of the project’s total cost as a down-payment and never being seen again. 

The CSLB has put this 10% cap on down payments to prevent consumers from scammers. If a licensed contractor does this, you can report them to CSLB, but you will find it very hard to get your money back from an unlicensed contractor because they are not regulated, and their information is not on the CSLB’s database.

#6 Signed Contract

A licensed painter will sign a contract with no hesitation. They are licensed, have experience, and have no reason not to sign a contract. However, unlicensed painters will hesitate to sign a contract because they could be planning something not legal. They know they will not finish the work as they promised verbally. Avoid this stress and hire a licensed painter.


Hiring a licensed painter protects real estate owners; it protects helpers who are not legally employees from suffering injuries from the negligence of inexperienced individuals performing malpractice in the painting industry and the construction industry in general. Licensed painters have years of experience. Many painters usually start working for more prominent companies for many years before they realize they can qualify for a license.

 Painters who hold a license have years of experience, sometimes decades. Hiring a licensed painter will prevent them from running away with a deposit like many people who don’t have a license. Real estate owners can sue if a licensed painting contractor doesn’t perform to an industry standard. Licensed painting companies protect consumers if they perform to an industry standard and do not create malpractice by hiring when they shouldn’t.


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