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3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Paint Sheen

An experience painting company such as SKY EDIFICE needs all the answers regarding the best type of finishing for any specific area. The 3 things to consider when choosing a paint sheen are the following:

  • The Amount of Traffic Area.
  • Budget
  • Paint Care

The amount of traffic an area receives is crucial when deciding a paint sheen. A room with the least traffic should have a flat or matte finish; the need to clean is minimal due to hardly any traffic, which is equivalent to no tear and wears. The next reason is the budget. As paint sheens get shinier, the more costly it gets. The more expensive it gets, the nicer it gets. Although this ultimately really depends on the quality and experience that a painter has. Lastly, paint care is the level of difficulty that a paint finish can be clean without compromising the finishing results. A paint sheen with hardly any shiny gloss, for instance, a flat finish, is hard to clean because it has no protective layer. Even the most modest and tiniest smudge can make it impossible not to remove the paint. The smallest amount of rubbing can remove the paint’s finishing. The paint finishes that are easy to clean are eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. These types of finishing are recommended by SKY EDIFICE because the paint care is easy. You can rub and wash all you want; the paint won’t come off that easily.

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Paint Finishes

The purpose of this image is to inform those interested in the types of sheen.  The most common types of sheens are flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss. Starting of with flat, this paint is the less shiniest. It’s also the least expensive. Although these two factors are appealing, the paint care is not. When you apply this type of paint to a surface, you can not clean it often; most of the time, you can’t even clean it without damaging the paint. Eggshell and Semi-gloss paint finishes are what SKY EDIFICE recommends. These paint sheens are more expensive and durable because these sheens can be cleaned frequently without harming the paint. 

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SKY EDIFICE is a licensed painting company in California. They have an enormous amount of experience in the painting industry. They have over 3+ decades of experience. They paint commercial, industrial and residential properties. 


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