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    What is An ADU?

    An ADU stands for an accessory dwelling unit. It’s a living space approved by the city that is at least 150 square feet. The maximum size is 50% of the main residential home or 1,200 square feet, whichever is less in square feet. It can be attached or detached from the main residence.

    Other Names for ADU

    -Backyard Homes
    -In-law Units
    -Granny Flats (Don’t Ask Why)

    Types of ADU

    -Attached ADU
    -Detached ADU
    -Garage Conversion ADU

    Requirements for an ADU

    The basic requirements for an ADU is that it must have a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. If the ADU does not have all three it will not pass the city inspection and therefore the homeowner will not obtain the Certificate of Occupancy. (needed to rent the ADU and not get fined). An Certificate of Occupancy will only be obtained if the ADU meets all the building codes that is why it is important to hire an ADU Contractor Los Angeles

    Who Can Build An ADU?

    A licensed contractor that specializes in building an ADU is authorized to perform this type of work. This type of contractor must have a license B and workers comp insurance active. Make sure you get a copy of the contractors’ workers comp and request to see their License B. A lot of contractors claim they have workers comp and really do not which puts you at risk and as a homeowner you become liable if a worker gets hurt. Take no risk and no liability, so make sure they have workers comp or call the California State Licensed Board to check the contractor’s history or complaints.

    Does A Contractor Need To Be Licensed To Build An ADU?

    Yes. Only a licensed contractor who has an active workers comp insurance can prevent you from being sued if any of his/her workers get hurt on your property. Only a licensed contractor can pull permits from the city. If a licensed contractor is not following the building codes or contract you can make a complaint to the State License Board of Contractors and they will make the contractor liable and hold her/him accountable for the work that is not completed or that was not delivered based on the contract that was signed. If they don’t keep their promise on what's on the contract, you can recover your money since by suing the contractor but you can’t sue an unlicensed contractor. That is why I should always hire a licensed contractor.

    Should I Hire An Unlicensed Contractor?

    No. It is illegal in the State of California to hire an unlicensed contractor. Unlicensed individuals can not obtain any sort of insurance, insurance companies won’t give them a policy since they don’t know how to do the work and don’t have a license. It’s illegal for an unlicensed individual to charge more than $500.00. The reason behind this is due to the huge reports of fraud. Many unlicensed contractors charge, begin the work and suddenly stop showing up to perform the work or never show up. Others ask for a down payment and never show up to perform the work they promised. The worst part is that owners can’t recover their money because they don’t have a contractor license.

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